Concrete Safety Managers:
NYC concrete safety managers must be on site when more than 2,000 cubic yards of concrete is being poured. Concrete Safety Managers identifies  hazards for concrete construction and the control methods for those hazards.

Construction Site Fire Safety Managers:
The fire safety manager shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with the following are in place: pre-fire plans, training, fire protection devices, hot work operations, impairmeent of fire protection systems, temporary covering of fire protection devices, emergency telephone, required access, etc. The fire safety manager shall conduct an inspection of the construction site and all fire safety measures on at least a daily basis, and maintain a record of same in a bound log book or other approved system of record-keeping. The log book or other approved record keeping shall be made available for inspection by any representative of the department. Where fire watch service is provided, the fire safety manager shall be responsible for the general supervision of the fire guards.


Site Safety Inspections:
A site safety manager must be designated and present on the construction or demolition of major buildings as defined by and in accordance with section 3310. If you need safety managers, EcoSafety Consultants INC can provide you with Full-Time Site Safety Managers or Part-Time Site Safety Managers, depending on the requirements of the job site. The Site Safety Manager's responsibility is to document any hazardous conditions or possible violations and inform the project manager on site in order to prevent accidents and/or fines.

​Site Safety Manager is required on NYC construction projects;
-15 stories or greater;
-Have a building footprint greater than 100,000 square feet;
-When required by the Department of Buildings.

Site Safety Coordinators:
Site Safety Coordinator is required on NYC construction projects:
-Required on NYC construction projects:
-10-14 stories New Building;
-When required by the Department of Buildings

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